For the clothing sector we have various proposals: pre-cutted rolls and bags with shoulder shaped or straight cut, we make roll in single sheet or folded one side and tubular rolls. Moreover we produce bags with closure such as adhesive flap, turned-up flap or minigrip and we make big laundry bags and white bags with string for closure.

Product categories

As result of years of improvement and technological innovation, our wide range of products can meet the needs of numerous sectors, such as clothing, soil, pellets, safety bags, silicone-coated, school and food items.

Fertilizer and soils bags and rolls

For the agricultural field we supply plastic bags and rolls for fertilizers and soil.

Food Packaging

We offer primary wraps for rusks, polypropylene bags for Christmas panettone and Easter colombe and also packaging for pasta, fruit, vegetables, snacks, frozen food, biscuits and other pastries.

Petfood and pet litter bags

Similar to agricultural bags, we also produce pet food packaging in bags and roll.

Cleaning and household products packaging

For the domestic field we supply both neutral and printed rolls or polybags. We offer pe, polypropylene roll, also laminated and bags.

Pellets bags and rolls

We produce transparent, white / black coils or with other characteristics.

Couriers and e-commerce security bags

Neutral and printed security envelopes, with permanent adhesive for the transport of documents and values for banks.

Construction material bags

We produce technical films in monofilm, co-extruded and laminated with different types of materials

Release liners for various application

Termoplast Nord's technical know-how formulates and optimizes products according to quality requirements.

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