Since 1990 synonymous with quality and innovation


Termoplast Nord has always strived to find suitable and efficient solutions to the ever-increasing demand for flexible packaging in different sectors.

To satisfy any need, we can customize the final product, not only for size or type, but also for printing technologies. The customer can choose to use UV/solvent-based inks or, thanks to the latest technological additions, such as water-based inks, go for a greener and more environmentally friendly packaging.

The continuous search for excellence and quality that we want to transmit with our packaging solutions drives us every day to seek continuous improvement of our already efficient production process.

Hence, we approached the “bio-world”, integrating eco-sustainable and biodegradable / compostable solutions that give an excellent result on the final product, with positive ecological impact and limiting CO2 emissions, even during production, preserving the quality of the products and the environment.

Our markets

Termoplast Nord widely interfaces with foreign market as well as the Italian one: we offer our services and products to several European countries, and to some countries of Asia and North Africa, where we have located certain operating offices. This intercultural scenario allows us to have a direct comparison with different realities and needs, allowing us to perceive and anticipate the new necessities and alternatives of the market.

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